03 Changing Your password

Once you’re logged into your website, if you’d like to change your password, simply hover over your name/profile at the top right-hand side of your screen. In the drop-down menu, you’ll see, “Edit Profile”.

Clicking on Edit Profile will reveal the profile page where you’ll be able to make changes to various fields including your first name, last name, nickname, social media handles, etc.


To change your password, scroll down the page to a section that says Account Management, and click on Generate Password.


Clicking on Generate Password will reveal a new strong password that you can use to log into your website. Alternatively, you can enter your own password in the space provided, replacing the one that exists. Do make sure the password is a strong one, otherwise changing your password might not be successful.


Once you have a strong password, click on Update Profile to update your profile, information, password, etc. And finally, do ensure that you see User Updated. This status confirms that your password and information has been updated.