09 Managing Pages

To manage the various pages of your website, click on the Pages icon on your dashboard, or hover over Pages in the menu and click on Swifty Page Manager

Pages 00

                Pages 01


The screen that appears will have a list of all the pages you currently have on your site. If you have any subpages, these will be revealed by clicking the plus sign on the left of the parent page.

Pages 02

Pages 03


You may use the filters at the top of the page to sort and find the pages you want. You can view All pages, or only those which have been Published and are live on your website. Clicking on Draft will show your pages you’ve worked on but aren’t yet visible on your site. Expand and Collapse alternate between showing all your subpages or showing none of them whilst the search bar allows you to search for a particular page by its title or keywords.


Pages 08


Rearranging Pages Using Swifty Manager

To rearrange your pages, so they show in a preferred order on your website, simply click the page you want to move and drag it to the new position. A green check sign will confirm that your can drop your page in this new position whilst a red cross indicates otherwise.

Pages 06

Pages 07


When any page is clicked on, it becomes active, distinguished by a grey bar highlighting it. On the far right side are various blue buttons that help you manage your pages.


Pages 04


The plus button allows you to add a new page

The gear button allows you to perform a quick edit, changing the page name, status or page template.

The bin button allows you to trash or delete a page.

The pen button opens up the active page for complete editing.

The eye button allows you to preview the page

The upward arrow allows you to publish your draft page and have it go live on your website.


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