10 Adding Media

To place various media files into your pages, click on the Add Media button from any of your pages.


Media 02


The resulting screen is entitled Insert Media. It will display all the images you’ve already uploaded to your site.


Media 03


If you haven’t uploaded the files or images yet, then click on the Upload Files tab just beneath the Insert Media title. You’ll be shown a screen prompting you to drag your files from your computer onto the screen, or to click on Select Files to navigate your computer to find the files you want to upload.

Media 07Once you’ve uploaded the files you want, click on the Media Library tab again to see all the images in your library. Clicking on an image or file you want to insert will display the Attachment Details for that file which include name, file type, the files url, etc. You can enter a title, caption, alternate text and a description for the file before you insert it into your page.
 attachment 1attachment 2

You can also select how the file will be aligned, where it should take a user when clicked, etc. Once you’re satisfied, click the Insert Into Page button right below to place the file in your page. If you want to place more than one file in your page at a time, just click on all the other files you want to insert to. A small check will show up by the file and the multiple files selected will show at the bottom. Click the Insert Into Page button when you’re ready.


Media 05


If you would like to create a media gallery, simply navigate to the left hand side and click on Create Gallery. You’ll then be prompted to select all the files you want in the gallery before you insert the gallery into your page.


Media 06


Sometimes you want to insert an image or file on a different website into your website. This can be easily done once you’ve copied the url of the image. You can usually do this by finding the image you want, right clicking and selecting copy image location or something similar depending on your browser. Once your have your image link, click on Insert From URL on the left side and a new screen should appear.


Media 08


The new screen allows you to enter a link URL and title. Once you put in the links URL, a few more options may appear, including a display of the image or link, a space for a caption, alternate text, alignment buttons and the opportunity to have the file in turn link to something else. Once you’re done, click on the Insert Into Page link.


Media 09


Please note that linking to images on another website is called hotlinking. This practice is frowned upon and can be blocked if you have not sought permission from the owners of the website hosting the images or files you are linking to.  You can click on the Media link in the menu bar or on the dashboard to manage your media files and ensure you are within your media upload quota for your plan.


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