12 Managing Posts

Posts are similar to pages, but are usually more ‘time-sensitive’. One post is easily replaced with another and then another and then another. To that end, you need to have a way to keep track of all your posts, know which ones are to be published next, no where the old ones are, recycle old ones, re-arrange them, so on and so forth.  

To manage your posts, hover over Posts and click on All Posts. This should open a page entitled Posts and this is where you can handle all your posts. Alternatively, you can click on the Posts icon on your dashboard.

Posts 00        Posts 01


Depending on the number of posts you have, you will see all of them listed here in chronological order. Your most recent posts will be at the top whilst your earliest posts will be at the bottom. Each line will show you the title of your post, who the author of the post was, the particular category the post is in (the default category is Uncategorized) and the date when the post was published. You will also be able to sort out your posts by date or category at the top.  


Posts 02

Hovering over any particular post will reveal some options. The Edit option opens the edit post window and allows you to make any changes you would like to your post. The Trash option moves the post to the bin. You can undo this by clicking on the Trash link to view which articles are there and retrieve it. View allows you to see a live version of your post online.  


Posts 06

The Quick Edit option allows you to quickly change some of the important features pertaining to your post. For example, you can change the Title of your post easily, or the Slug. The slug is the way the url of the page will look when accessed in a browser. Sometimes, it is necessary or useful to have a different slug from your title. You can also change the date on which you made the post, the author of the post, the category the post is in and even its status, as to whether it should be live as Published or as a Draft or a Private post visible to only you.  


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