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Visit: to log in. (If you are unable to access this page, kindly inform us along with your IP address)

Once logged in, you’ll meet the dashboard. Hover over Addons and click on Project Management to access latest projects and tasks.

On accessing the Project Management screen, click on the Tasks tab. You’ll then be able to filter the tasks. We recommend clicking on the Incomplete tab then clicking on Search. This will bring up all tasks that have been assigned to you that are not yet complete and will also show you their due dates. You can click on a task to view the details.

By every task is the due date for that task. When a task is completed, the grey arrow on the left of it can be clicked to turn it to green.

Clicking on the Files tab will provide you with access to any files connected to this project. You’ll be able to view them (if images) and download them.

Clicking on the Tickets tab will allow you to view information directly from the client which has been made available to you. You will be able to view the client ticket to either download images and information directly, or to get a better understanding regarding a particular task they might want done. If there are associated tickets that you are unable to view, kindly let us know. The ticket may have been assigned to the wrong department.

The Messages tab allows you to communicate messages back and forth between us regarding a particular project. If we send you a message via the ticket tab, you will get an alert in your email account and you can come to this section to view and reply to the message.

You will also receive email alerts whenever you are assigned to a new task or a task is updated with new information.

NB. You may encounter some Oops error messages. Those can be ignored by either refreshing your page, or re-navigating to the menu or page you were trying to view.